University of Miami Printmaking Graduates

University of Miami Printmaking Graduates

Here's some links to websites of Printmaking MFAs who are still active in the field. You can also see examples of their work, as students, here:

John McCaffrey MFA 1994

Tom Virgin MFA 1994

Brian Reedy MFA 1996

Andrew Binder MFA 1996

Randi Chaplin MFA Painting and Printmaking 1996

Vilma Quevedo MFA 1999

Nicole Hand MFA 1999

Vicki Martin MFA Ceramics 1997, MFA Printmaking 1999

Adrian Arguedas MFA 2000

Scott Smith MFA 2001

Barbara Scheer, MFA Graphic Design and Printmaking 2005

Layla Copeland MFA 2007

Kari Snyder MFA 2006

Barry Sparkman MFA 2008

Kathleen Hudspeth MFA 2009

Thomas Engleman MFA 2012

Eddy A. Lopez MFA 2014

Abraham Camayd MFA 2014

Jeannette Stargala MFA 2016

Beatriz Rodriguez MFA 2017

Christine Di Staola, MFA Painting 2019 MFA Printmaking 2020

Charlisa Montrope, MFA 2022